Iinternational Phrasebooks (IP) is a leading Israeli publisher specializing in phrasebooks and language guides for the self-study of foreign languages.

Our user base is broad and includes language learners at various stages, including tourists and business travellers to foreign countries who use IP books as a helpful resource when travelling, as well as foreign language students and new immigrants worldwide for comprehensive language assistance and guidance for communication.

This unique method available in IP books was developed by the company's founder, Dr. Israel Palchan, for teaching the Hebrew underground in the Soviet Union in the early 1970s.

Dr. Palchan was among the first Hebrew teachers in Moscow at a time when learning and teaching the Hebrew language was forbidden. Upon his arrival to Israel, he set up a non-profit organization to facilitate shipments of Hebrew language books to the Soviet Union.

The IP method is based on his personal experience of acquiring a foreign language for language acquisition up to the level of spoken language. The effectiveness of the method has proven itself, since for 35 years, IP books continue to be popular among users. 

This novel technique allows flexibility in the formation of sentences, based on the use of the connection between verbs and nouns to make conjugation understandable and allow users to easily construct sentences.  The books contain a large and comprehensive vocabulary with a focus on a wide variety of often-asked questions and usual answers.  Also included are pronunciation guidance as well as over 1,000 phrases and sentences accepted in the local language as culturally appropriate to cover common interactions in a natural way. 

The linguistic composition in IP books allow the active acquisition of foreign language in a manner suited to individual needs, encouraging natural and flowing conversations.  IP phrasebooks and self-study guides support independent learning and the ability to communicate in a foreign language, based on the needs and interests of users.

Initially used for Hebrew language study by hundreds of thousands of Russian speaking immigrants from the former Soviet Union who arrived to Israel in the early 1990s, IP phrasebooks and language guides for the self-study of a foreign language are now available for English, Spanish, French and Russian language learning for speakers of different source languages including Chinese, Japanese and German.

Many users initially use these books as a practical and easy-to-use communication tool and quickly discover that both the new language is readily understandable and that they can explain themselves effectively.