E-BOOK: Hebrew basics for beginners

The advantages of the Hebrew basics phrasebook are many:

  • You can use the book from any electronic device such as computer, cellular or tablet.
  • The book is written in an easy fluent language
  • includes QA chapter
  • With more than 3000 catch phrases and expressions
  • Including detailed explanations that will help you to pronounce every word in a correct manner.

With these Hebrew basics phrasebook its easy and simple to speak Hebrew - at any time and in any place.

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E-BOOK: Hebrew basics for beginners

Our company is connecting in the last 25 years between travelers and locals in Israel Thanks to our phrasebooks you can travel Israel speak fluent Hebrew.

These Hebrew basics phrasebook offer an extraordinary amount of expressions and common phrases in the Hebrew language. In the book you can find an important addition of the correct ways to pronounce verbs in a unique organization system that will encourage a natural conversation.   

Hebrew basics phrasebook the best and most effective way to an easy self-learning of the Hebrew language.

These Hebrew basics phrasebook unique system is based on a direct and intuitive approach to language: the words appear within their context (common sentences and phrases in the everyday discourse) according to a variety of topics and meanings. Thus, however read the Hebrew basics phrasebook is able to talk freely in English by personal terms and will.

The result: by these Hebrew English phrasebooks you can also learn in a quick and effective manner how to explain yourself in Hebrew.   

For conclusion: With these Hebrew basics phrasebook its easy and simple to speak Hebrew.

The reading in this phrase book is very easy and makes sense. The many advances of this phrasebook combined with its unique organization and teaching technique had made it a worldwide best seller with over 50,000 sold copies to this day.     

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