Phrasy App: English-Hebrew phrasebook for Iphone

Phrasy is a free phrasebook app for English speakers who want to learn quickly and easily common hebrew language.

Phrasy is a must have app if you want to speak quickly in Hebrew.

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Phrasy App: English-Hebrew phrasebook for Iphone




Phrasy offers useful resources for simple communication in HEBREW:

GRAMMAR explains the basics of Hebrew language in a plain approach.
USEFUL WORDS includes topics of Greetings, Health, Shopping, Law, Numbers and others.
SOUND demonstrates how words in Hebrew sound like.
SEARCH & TRANSLATE offers extended possibilities for search results that are helpful for building a sentence.
QUESTIONS based on question words and includes common uses and usual replies.
VERBS present conjugations for 104 popular verbs followed by appropriate words and sentences.
EXPRESSIONS present more than 1000 popular phrases, sayings & idioms of Colloquial Hebrew and Hebrew slang.
TABLE OF CONTENT forwards the user to every specific chapter inside this application. The table covers many typical everyday activities such as Food, Education, Transport, Home, Family, Communication and others.

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