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 Hebrew phrasebook - Our methodology

This hebrew phrasebook and self-study guide is actually a store house of phrases of colloquial language. Technical people may see it as a Handbook of Foreign Language. Practically all important features of the foreign language are presented in an organized, easy-to-use and open form.

Learn Hebrew by asking questions  with this Hebrew phrasebook

Questions are a good way to launch into a conversation for any and all kinds of people. This Hebrew phrasebook have a Questions section for each different question word in our book. This gives the user nearly one hundred popular questions and possible answers at his fingertips! Lists of about 80 verb conjugations with attached useful additives enable the construction of simple sentences with ease on most aspects of everyday life.

Hebrew phrasebook - Learn slang

Includes a chapter of idioms, useful slang and short sentences for speaking with others in the street. It includes about 1000 phrases that are mostly not found in printed materials in such a concentrated form.

Short dictionary

The Index enables user to find more than 3 thousands of foreign words basing on his native language. The matter of fact the Index acts as short dictionary of the foreign language.

Learn Basic grammar with this Hebrew phrasebook

Basic grammar explanations are included just enough to help the user navigate within the language. There is no need to learn grammar rules or memorize vocabulary words of the foreign language. Just to read and use our book.

We know this book will help you to feel comfortable in Hebrew

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